It’s all over… (sob)

School\'s Out!We’ve bid farewell to our wonderful grade, having celebrated the end of our time together yesterday with our pool party and a Kris Kringle gift exchange.  We had a great year and were definitely the best grade in the whole school – who knows, maybe even in all the state! Maybe in the world? Or the universe? 

The pool party was fun, with the thunder holding off until it was time to get out of the water anyway. We walked back to school in the rain and got wet, but after a day at the pool, no one cared too much. Before we knew it, it was time to say our farewells and go off into the wide blue yonder.


Congratulations to our wonderful grade six students who completed their primary schooling so well – they should all be proud of their achievements this year and are sure to be successful in their secondary schooling. Hopefully many of them will keep up with our blog and their own as well – we’d love to hear from them in the future.

To our grade five students, you are our leaders of 2009. There are many wonderful opportunities for you as you continue your education journey. I am lucky to have some of you in my class again next year – be ready for anything! For those who are moving on to another school or to another grade, enjoy yourselves, learn lots and keep in touch.

It\'s all over!Jumping photo by Cross, licensed under an Attribution, No Derivatives, Non Commercial agreement.

Counting down…

The school year is nearly at an end, with next Thursday being our last day as a grade. We are moving to another classroom this Friday, so at the moment everything is being packed into boxes ready to move into one of the “new” rooms. Our current classroom was built in 1915, our new one in 2000, so even though it’s 8 years old, it’s still a NEW room!

We still have Graduation for our grade six students to look forward to next Tuesday – lots of work has been done but we still have to polish up our acts and tweak our slides a bit more.  So much to do, so little time!

Nadine’s a Nominee!


The famous Nadine, one of the most prolific commenters on our blogs, has been nominated for an Edublogs award! She has been nominated in the category of Best Individual Blog. We’ve all enjoyed reading Nadine’s blog and comments – she’s a very talented and thoughtful writer and is always friendly and complimentary towards the writers of the blogs she reads.

You can read Nadine’s blog here and then, if you agree that it’s a wonderful blog, you might like to vote for it in the Edublogs awards by finding NadStar’s Blog on this page.

Good luck Nadine!

Image: Camera Slayer on Flickr, licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution, Non Commercial, No Derivatives Licence.

Towers of Paper

Yesterday, while the Grade 6 students were off having fun at Secondary School for the day, the Grade Five students were given a challenge, to make the tallest free-standing tower possible using only:

  •  ten sheets of newspaper
  • 10 icypole sticks
  • 10 drinking straws
  • half a stick of Blu-tak
  • masking tape
We had to design our models first, then build and evaluate them. The building part was the best – working in groups of three it took us about an hour to build our structures. The challenge was to get them to stand up without any support or without sticking them to the ground! 

When we had our 15 minutes left warning, the teachers decided to try the challenge for themselves. Miss K, Mrs B and Mrs C collected the allowed equipment and in less than 15 minutes had built a tower that stood 3 metres (10 feet) high! And it stood without help! Such champions, but some of the kids said it wasn’t fair because the teachers had bigger brains with more science in them. Hmmm. The last picture in the gallery below is the teachers’ tower – what do you think?

Of the students, one groups were wildly successful, with their tower standing 1.8m (6 feet) high. Some other towers had to be measured lying down, as they fell over – and of course, the aim was the highest, not longest tower! So 10cm high and 2 metres long doesn’t win. 🙂 

We learned a lot about how to make things stand, where to put the heaviest parts and what shapes are strongest. But we can’t tell you here because next week we are going to challenge the Grade 6 students and we are aiming to beat them!


Aboriginal Culture Day

Our school recently enjoyed an Aboriginal Culture Day. We had some Aboriginal visitors come and teach us about traditional dancing, some of the different tribes, Aboriginal storytelling and Aboriginal Art.

First, the teachers painted our faces. Big Al, the leader of the Aboriginal group, said they set a new record, painting about 425 faces in 13 minutes! After that, each group rotated through the activities until we’d all had a go at everything. Then we came back together at the end for a dance and demonstration, as well as some yummy damper.

Then our grade had to go and empty the bins. 🙁

The Sky is Smiling

Look at Jupiter!

It’s the first day of Summer and the sky is happy about it! Tonight the moon, Venus and Jupiter aligned to make a happy face in the west. The moon is at the bottom, Venus is the bright eye on the left and Jupiter is on the right.

While the planets and moon appear to be close together, they’re not at all close. The moon is 403,000 km away, while Venus is 150 million kilometres away and Jupiter 870 million kilometres away.

The smiley face will not appear again in Australia until 2036.

Photos: Mrs C from her back yard.

Smiley Sky


How My Friend was Murdered!

”Once upon a time lived a girl named Tracey. But thats in the past of course, she’s dead now. I’m here to tell you the classic story of How My Friend Was Murdered!
It was a dreadful night and the rain was pouring but worst of all, there was a killer in sight. Her name was Micky and she was known for her craziness of murdering people with an axe.
That night Tracey was out for a walk as well as her chooks on a leash. She saw a dark shadow in the distance. Suddenly it came charging for poor young Tracey. Tracey reconised the muscley figure of Micky and decided to start sprinting.
Tracey was much too fast for Micky and her tough abs so instead she just threw the axe straight into Tracey’s back. But that didn’t stop Tracey, shedanger kept running with the blood running down her back and on to her chooks.
Eventually Tracey started to slow down from starvation so she headed towards her mega shredder factory where she put all of her chooks into a mega shredder and ate them all up. Except for one which she ate raw. Just as Tracey was licking her fingers from such a good meal she forgot all about the killer that had been stalking her. When Tracey wasn’t looking, Micky and her evil powers pushed Tracey right into the largest shredder. Out the other end came Tracey sliced, shredded and dead.” 


The End

By Stacey and Nikita

Class Parliament

Preparing our ArgumentsClass Parliament in the Quadrangle This term we have been studying Australian Parliament and how it works. We have also been running our own parliaments, pretending it’s the real thing.

First it was Miss R’s grade vs Miss K’s grade. They were fighting about longer school hours. Second it was our grade vs Miss R’s grade fighting about one hour of television a night for kids. In the first argument between Miss R’s grade and Miss K’s grade, Miss K’s grade won; and in the fight between our grade and Miss R’s grade it was a draw, 22 votes to 22 votes.

Then it was our grade vs Miss K’s grade an the topic is that Australian families could only have one pet. There were lots of arguments presented against this law, especially when we worked out that we had 100 dogs and 60 cats in our grade alone!

Class parliament is a great way to learn about how laws are made and how to make a good argument.

By Jarrod and Josh.

Note from Mrs C: there was no fighting, really! Just spirited debate. 🙂 

Our Class Pet: Otis

A new student has joined our class!

He is black and white, cute and furry, little and playful, he is Otis!

 Our new class member Otis is a tiny little kitten, snow white, with black smudges! He was brought in by Stacey who will take him home every night and on the weekends. We had to have a class meeting first and we discussed a lot about bringing in a chicken, fish, kitten or bird. Then Stacey had a marvellous idea!! She would bring in her little kitten Otis, as her cat gave birth to a perfect bunch of new born, little fluffy kittens! So we decided we would take care of Stacey’s kitten.

And he is gorgeous! He has had a few great adventures, sneaking around the classroom and the library until finally, after all that walking and sniffing, he got terribly exhausted and fell asleep under the bookshelf in the library! Cute!! He will play with anything he can find that is small enough. He climbs up the chairs and loves to play with peoples’ shoe laces. Otis’s eyes are trash green and his fur is black and white and he has a beautiful brown nose. Otis loves to sleep in his cage and he always cuddles up with his teddy, which isn’t looking so good since Otis ripped both arms off it! Danger Cat! By Cointha, Bradley and Darianne.